Soonxin Display Co.LTD is an OEM&ODM Factory, Specializing in retail displays, Especialy acrylic displays, cosmesc displays, metal displays, multi-material displays, cardboard displays. Company has more than 10 years of exhibition stand under industry design and production experience, we can according to your individual needs, industry characteristics and store specifications, also providing one-stop service for display racks. We highlight products in the retail fixture.  To enhance your brand story and display your product’s prominent selling point, custom display solutions to satisfied customers, and at the same time we provide materials needed for various scenarios, such as acrylic, metal or mixed materials.

At present, the factory has nearly 3000 square meters of area, more than 150 employees. Set up the acrylic, metal, paintplating and other production workshop, has the abundant technical force and production and support product research and development ability.

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Acrylic Products Collection​

Acrylic Retail Display Fixtures are a simple way to display marketing materials
and products that catch customer’s attention.

Acrylic Display Fixture​

Acrylic Brand Logo Block

Acrylic Block​

Solid and clear acrylic blocks for your company’s logo showing, name of the meeting mate, frame or for customize stamping. It suitable for silkscreen, UV printing, engarving, hot pressing, foil gold. ​

L Shape Acrylic Sunglasses Display


Sunglasses display holder, kinds of optical displays for eyewears storaging and organizing. Suitable for Promote advertising content, promotional information, product display.​

Acrylic Lucite Watch Display


Custom acrylic watch display, with C ring holders, boxes, storage. With your company logo by hot transfer, silkscreen, engarving. Displays can be disassembled and customized the placement position. also the quantity of watch displayed.​

acrylic box


Acrylic boxes are the perfect storage place and good for product classification and display. It suitable for jewelry, flowers, shoes, socks, ties, gifts and custom shape for kinds of your cargo.​

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Metal Products Collection​

Metal Retail Fixture is an effective way to create a store environment, organized collections,
and branding displays to increase promotion.

Metal Display Fixture​

Steel Metal Handbag Stand


Metal handbag display made into different versions like chrome silver, bronze color, gold, rose gold, brushed finished. The pole for hanging the bag is height adjustable which is good for handbags, scarves, purses with different lengths. and hats!​

Metal Poster Stand


Double Easel Stand Floorstanding Sign Stand or countertop sign holder both available. Functional design allows for thick messages such as cardboard or poster board with your advertising content. Can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information, and promoting sales.​

Metal Shoe Riser


As kind of countertop shoe risers are available in a wide variety of finishes like chrome silver, bronze color, chrome gold. Delicate shoe display stands will make your shoes stand out and more atrractive.​

metal cloth display


Metal cloth design as beautiful solution to a common storage problem. Robust enough to hold your clothes up off the floor, it is suitable for Exhibition Show, Speciality Stores, Supermarkets and Stores.​

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