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Clear Solid Desk Acrylic Logo Block

Fully Printing Rectangle Plexiglass Brand Display

Wholesale Branding White Acrylic Block

Polishing Black Model Making Acrylic Signage

Frosted Plexi Glass Nameplates Ice Block for Sale

Internal Engraving Acrylic Logo Block With Color Ink

Crystal Cube Block With Round Corner Suppliers

Custom Solid Acrylic Triangular Sign or Label Display Block

Acrylic Round Standard-Edge Display Base Printing Logo

Custom Acrylic Block Riser, Color Acrylic Sheet

Personalized Acrylic Photo Block Canvas Print

Counter Standing Acrylic Block with Laser Cut Small 3D Letters

Free Standing 3D Acrylic Alphabet Letter for Signs

Logo Sign Video Display

How To Custom Printed Acrylic Block

Acrylic Logo Block Design

Let us have your logo file in vector format like AI, EPS, Than advise us the size you prefer to make. We will make the layout for your checking.  If you do no have vector format file, our designer will work for you.

Acrylic Nameplate

Acrylic can be machined and tooled to accommodate a range of sizes and shapes it can also be coloured or left clear depending upon your requirements. Custom the size and shape you prefer, than make free Model sample for your checking.

UV Printing Acrylic Logo Blocks | Signs & Branding Manufacturer 2

Proceed production after confirm sample. Normally packing way is PE bag+ Brown Inner Box + Outside Carton.

Production Process

Screen Printing

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Screen Printing services to fit any size project.

Cost effective since you don’t need any equipment to start your work. The acrylic itself is also affordable compared to polycarbonate sheet. Acrylic does not fade, tear, stain, wrinkle or peel off. Also, it can last long for close to 10 years without yellowing.

  1. Silk-Printing your logo and background on backside, than see through from front. It is a cube is three-dimensional.  When it is color material, just print on surface.
  2. Colors material or clear material.

UV Printing

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Nearly an inch (25 mm) of acrylic glass is the perfect way to emphasize your photo’s brilliance. (Thickness  to choose from) Like our classic Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, we use crystal-clear, shatterproof acrylic with UV protection for a stunning depth effect. Precise details are also visible through the block’s transparent sides. The Acrylic Block is a sturdy design object and an ideal photo gift.

  1. Backside Digital UV printing fully.
  2. Nearly an inch (25 mm) of glossy acrylic glass

Laster Cutting

Acrylic block with 3D letter

Our Laser machine has a bed size 1.5 metrls x 3 metres, enabling large volume contract cutting of panels, letters, numbers, shapes etc. The laser beam traces patterns onto the surface, leaving a beautifully cut and ready product. 

Besides laser cutting services, we also provide 3D laser engraving and laser etching services. The laser beam burns away or discolors particular surfaces with the needed depth. It leaves a matte finish on acrylic.


CNC Miller Diamond Polishing

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CNC miller is a universal cutting and engraving tool for all types of rigid materials. T

Unlike the laser cutting machine, the CNC miller does not providesa matte finish to the edges of plastic materials.

CNC cutting: No other cutting or engraving machine performs better on solid materials than CNC. With a CNC cutting machine, the needed product can be custom-sized, shaped and styled with a uniquely creative design.

CNC engraving: CNC miller is perfect for creating 3D signs.  It can engrave even the smallest details on almost any material.


Q. What is the difference between Acrylic and Glass?

A: Acrylic is a very similar material to glass. But it is more shatterproof and resistant than glass. Also, if you want to differentiate any two of them in less than a second – just check the edges. If it’s glossy green than it’s glass.

Q. Does Acrylic turn yellow from the sun?

A: Sunlight and its ultraviolet rays can have some effect on different plastics and Acrylic is not an exception. After being exposed to direct sunlight for a long period, Acrylic might turn a little yellow. But this does not affect its durability.

Q. Can an Acrylic sheet be easily scratched?

A. The answer can be a little controversial because to say that Acrylic cannot be scratched would be a lie. However, it is not easy to scratch an Acrylic, you have to put some pressure on it. But it is recommended to cover it with something, so it will not get scratched from other objects.

Q. What colors of Acrylic are available?

A. The Acrylic material has 5 types: Clear, Colored, Frosted and Translucent. Clear Acrylic looks Similar to glass, as it does not have any color and is fully transparent. But it is more shatterproof and flexible than glass. 

Q. Are your samples free?

A: Yes, for normally glass block we can offer free samples with your logo. But you pay the shipping cost or just use your shipping agent for shipment.

Q. Do you provide design assistance and artwork file preparation?

A. Yes, your submitted artwork is reviewed by one of our design professionals at no additional cost so we can make sure there are no unexpected surprises. If needed as part of our service we will also make recommendations to help you maximize the effectiveness of your ad. Templates are available to simplify your file preparation and if needed professional artwork design services are available at reasonable rates. Contact us for more details.

Q. How long will it take for the sampling order.?

A: Generally speaking, our sampling time is 4-5 days. Then ship by express normally 4-7 days.

Q. What are the practices of LOGO?

  • Silkscreen printing on the surface or backside see-through.
  • Laser engraving shows a little white after engraving. Some logos can spray ink after laser engraving when necessary.
  • UV printing. For complex image can do UV printing
  • Paste printing sticker on the backside of the block. Normally do some picture logo.
  • Metal logo sticker on the surface. Most for the gold or silver, rose gold, matt gold color like metallic you prefer.

Q. If I am not satisfied with the samples, what should I do?

 A: If the samples are not as good as you expected, you can ask us to refund the sampling cost or to allow us to improve the samples until you feel good to them.

Q. If there are any damages or any defective products when I got the goods, what should I do?

A: We have to ask you to provide the video before we send you the new replacement. We will also suggest remaking some when the next order if ship small quantity cost high shipping.

Q. Where can I Use Acrylic Signs?

A. Acrylics can be used anywhere! For example- lobby desks, indoor show, outdoor wedding, adverting holder, poster stand, on a statement wall, hallway marketing signage, or office name plaques are just a few uses.

Q. How durable are acrylic signs?

A. Acrylic is stronger, more impact-resistant, lighter in weight, and will not shatter. For instance, an acrylic sign of 0.125″ thickness is 2 to 3 times more impact-resistant than double strength window glass.

Q. How to clean the acrylic glass block.

A. Cleaning Precautions: In normal conditions, simply wash with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, or a quality plastic cleaner. Avoid cleaners that could scratch the acrylic surface

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