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Jewelry Display Retail Applications

Soonxin knows how important it is to create attractive jewelry displays and fixtures, showcase your jewelry in style! We can provide the Acrylic Display customize according to your design drawing which more suitable for your goods, also we offer creative design ideas that match your products. Whether you are the jewelry company going to a craft fair, Amazon accessories seller, or the offline jewelry retail store, All of our counter displays are designed to enhance your retail store.

We supply a wide selection of necklace display busts, acrylic T  bars, necklace stands, jewelry mannequins, earring racks, bracelet hanger, and wholly jewelry set to showcase and organizer. While attracting your customers to jewelry, trinkets, or last-minute purchase.

This high-quality plexiglass holder stand is your best bet for a wonderful display whether in the home environment or at a store showcases, store font, or tradeshow. Keep your jewels organized – in creative style! 

Here come some of our conventional acrylic jewelry displays on sale. If you want more information, or get customer support, contact us and get a more detailed product catalog.

Jewelry Fixture Set for Counter Top.

Custom Acrylic Perspex Cube

Slant Back Jewelry Display Shelf

T-Bar Jewelry Stand Bracelet Bracelet Display Tower

Multilayer Round Earring Holder

Black Acrylic Necklace Pendant Display Earring Holder

Necklace Holder With Base Removable

How To Choose The Right Acrylic Display Stand For Your Jewelry

How to choose a jewelry holder that suits your brand? I believe that many businesses will have the same question, so when choosing a pop stand of jewelry, the display fixture must not only have a beautiful image and match the jewelry but also promote sales. The role of. As a business, how to choose a suitable jewelry display stand, SOONXIN will explain some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing a display stand:


Merchants must first determine the theme and style of the display rack, preferably in line with the corporate culture, this is the first step in ordering display racks;


Do a good job in the spatial layout of the display rack placement area to create a smooth, guiding, and easy-to-visit space layout; then determine the size of the display rack be ordered.


 Position the ordering plan of the display stand according to the displayed jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, watches, etc. Only when you have a clear positioning of the product you want to display, you can naturally choose a display stand suitable for your brand and product. Which props should be matched in the jewelry display rack. This also requires the merchant to be clear. Choosing a good prop and matching the acrylic display rack can fully reflect the high-end jewelry, highlight the key points , and make the parts more visible while increasing the visual impact. fine.


Lighting can be said to be a very important link in the design of acrylic jewelry display stands. The choice of lighting can well reflect the jewelry itself and create a warm sales atmosphere. If you add some shades, it can better reflect the layering of the jewelry display stand.

It is necessary to judge whether the purchased display rack is in line with the customer’s consumer psychology. For example, when a couple is buying jewelry, they will see the display rack at first sight, and then the jewelry in it, while the acrylic display rack and props. Lighting plays a key role, not only to be attractive but also to highlight the jewelry!

In summary, you can refer to the above points when choosing an acrylic jewelry display stand. Besides, there are many factors to consider, such as glue binding, material quality, after-sales service, and many other factors. There is another thing that businesses must understand, that is, some maintenance knowledge of jewelry display racks. No matter how resistant the display racks are, they will be worn out after a long time, so businesses must pay attention.

How To Display Jewelry For Sale

At present, the symmetry method, contrast method, and rhythm method are mainly used.


That is to say, jewelry is displayed according to the principle of symmetry, and its separation can be divided into the axisymmetric method and center symmetry method.

Centrosymmetric Method

That is, jewelry is distributed symmetrically around a certain center, and the common patterns are circular and radial.

Contrast Method

That is, two or more different colors and shapes of jewelry are accurately combined to create a sharp difference in people’s vision, thereby highlighting and presenting the role of the theme jewelry. The contrast display is mainly manifested in several aspects such as color contrast, texture contrast, style contrast, etc.


“Rhythm” is originally the beauty of rhythm in music theory, and it is extended to the concept of time and space in jewelry display cabinets. This reminds us of a rational point of view that we must make full use of the principles of vocal music to suppress, uplift, pause, and frustrate when designing and implementing showcases. Carry out the counter display to achieve clear color contrast, decent dispersion, and density, and significant three-dimensional effect.

Color Matching

Color is one of the important characteristics of the jewelry counter. The display should pay attention to the color matching of jewelry, props, and counter.

The color of the props matches the color of the counter

The color of the props should be coordinated with the overall color of the counter. For example, the overall color of the store is pink. Replacement props such as the tray of the insert ring can be lined with white and pink borders, which are consistent with the overall color of the counter without interfering with the jewelry placement put.


Q. Will the acrylic jewelry display stand cause damage to my product, such as scratches?

A. will not. All sides of the acrylic are polished with diamonds, the surface is smooth, and the cut edges are rounded, which will not cause damage to the jewelry

Q. I am a jeweler and I often need to exhibit, but there are too many products. Is there a better acrylic display tool?

A. You can provide us with drawings for customization, or you can check out our other acrylic storage boxes. We can design according to your needs.

Q. What is the best color to display jewelry?

A. The display rack for displaying jewelry is best to be transparent, black, gray, or white so that the product will not have colors difference due to light reflection. Our acrylic jewelry display stands can be customized in various colors to meet your needs.

Q. Is acrylic easy to clean?

A. Yes. Easy to Clean

To clean minor blemishes, fingerprints or, dusty powder, polystyrene, and plexiglass, please remove all debris first. Then, use a high-grade fine-fiber cloth dipped in an alcohol cleaning solution or soapy water to clean the entire surface. After wetting the cloth, make sure to gently wipe the surface without applying pressure while wiping. Too much pressure will cause more scratches. After wiping a whole piece of paper, wipe or wipe the area with the dry side of the cloth.

Q. Are you sample free?

A. Some of the small standard samples, we will offer free samples. And for more than 1pcs sample or custom jewelry stand sets. We will collect a low-cost sample cost.

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