Metal Handbag Stands and Shelving

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Metallic Luxury Handbag Stands

Soonxin designed countertop display products can make your retail environment even more stylish. Our wide range of  handbag stands and store supply  are a perfect blend of aesthetics and innovative display ideas. Most products are made of  stainless steel plus high grade acrylic, they are a real eye-catcher. Perfect design your branding display according your request. 

Soonxin presentation products meet the high expectations of demanding audiences in terms of expressive trends. Exquisite, high-tech optics and various selected materials are indicative of this shoe display collection.

Adjustable Countertop Single Arm Stand

Brush Silver Handbag Display

Brush Silver Handbag Display

Base: 13×15 CM
Adjustable Height: 35-60 CM
Weight: 0.6 Kg

Chrome Single Handbag Stand with Square Hook​

Chrome Single Handbag Stand with Square Hook

Base: 12×12 CM
Aadjustable height: 35-60 CM
Logo laster on base.

Custom Curved Arm Bag Hanger Desk Props

Custom Curved Arm Bag Hanger Desk Props

Base: 13×15 CM
Adjustable Height: 35-60 CM

Black Handbag Purse Holder

Black Contertop Handbag Purse Holder

Base: 13×15 CM
Adjustable Height: 35-60 CM
Logo Silk Screen Printing On base

Black Powder Coated Bag Display

Countertop Black Powder Coated Bag Displayer

Circle Base Diameter: 15CM,
adjustable height 30-60 CM

Creative Handbag Stand Circle Base Counter Top​

Creative Handbag Stand Circle Base Counter Top

Base Diameter: 16CM,
adjustable height 30-60 CM

Polished Gold Single Hook wish Acrylic On Base

Polished Gold Single Hook wish Acrylic On Base

Base: 152×152mm, glass+ metal, height 40-62cm,

U hooks Silver Metal Bag Hanger Adjustable Height

U hooks Silver Metal Bag Hanger Adjustable Height

Base: Diameter 150mm,
Height 40-62cm;
Stock Finish: Matt Silver, Bright Silver, Matt Gold, Polish Gold, Black Surface

U Shape Retail Bag Hanger With Round Base

U hooks Retail Bag Hanger for Store Props with Round Base

Base: Diameter 150mm,
Height 40-62cm;
Stock Finish: Matt Silver, Bright Silver, Matt Gold, Polish Gold, Black Surface

Wholesale Handbag Stand Straight Arm Heavy Fat Base

Wholesale Handbag Stand Straight Arm Heavy Fat Base

Base: Diameter 150×170mm,
Height 40-62cm;
Weight: 1.3 Kg

Titanium 7 Style Hook Stainless Steel Bag Riser ​

Titanium 7 Style Hook Stainless Steel Bag Riser

Item NO. BH001
Base: 12*12 CM,
adjustable height: 35-60 CM

Curved Arm Deliberately Scratch Resistant Lady Bag Holder

Curved Arm Deliberately Scratch-resistant Stainless Steel Metal Lady Bag Holder

Item NO. BH004-Bright Silver
Base: 12×12 CM,
adjustable height: 35-60 CM
Logo by Silk Printing On Base
Weight: 0.65 Kg/Pcs

Gold Chrome Single Handbag Riser Half Circle Hook

Gold Chrome Single Handbag Riser Half Circle Hook

Item NO. BH004-Polish Gold
Base: 12×12 CM,
adjustable height: 35-60 CM

White Coated Lady Hand Bag Stand Half Circle Hook

Gold Chrome Single Handbag Riser Half Circle Hook

Item NO. BH004-White
Base: 13×15 CM,
adjustable height: 35-60 CM

Features of Stainless Steel Single Hook Handbag Display

  • Durable Stainless Steel material with elegant chrome surface finish and other colors customized.
  • THE 7 style design hook make the lines of the handbag stand more smooth, and can hold the bag effective.  Curved and half-circle hook to prevent bags from falling.
  • Casing design the height could be adjusted through an adjustable screw, meet different height needs.
  • Removable structure, assemble your bag rack in seconds. The base and top tube separated. Assembling this useful dresser accessory couldn’t be more convenient!
  • The base has a Non-slip foot pad made from EVA foam.
  • Showcase that elegant purse, lady handbags, or boby-cross bag- Bring everyone’s attention to your finely crafted handbag by displaying it using this pop-up metal stand. You can rest easy that it’s more than able to reliably hold your prized fashion accessory.
  • Multi-Functional Decorative Props for your fashion accessories, the handy hook is no only perfect for displaying handbags, but also makes a lanyard rack, as well as a scarf and necklace stand.
  • Your fashionable organizer storage solution deserves an equally eye-catching hanger. These racks are ideal for bag business store supply, shop window show, fashion trade show, fair exhibit, personal use.
  • The hanger Size and version all customized, colors to choose, and custom. 

Handbag Holder Common Application Scenario

This Image hang with Dior Saddle Bag better shows the design of the handbag display-storage stand. Designed with a gently curved surface for the strap, completely adjustable. Gentle suspension way, you don’t  worry that over time it would damage, dent or reshape the strap in an awkward way.

Woman Handbag Hanger

This Hanger With Belle Bag in corner of shop. Which in Mirror Silver, base with Logo in Silk Screen Printing, and the Half-moon hook with logo laster engraving. Make a larger size than normal to hang long Portable part of bag. The LOGO is added to highlight the leather brand and sense of luxury. In order to adapt to larger travel bags or backpacks, lengthen the length of the inner rod and outer tube, the adjustable height can reach 70 CM or more, and the base can be appropriately thickened or enlarged to increase weight to keep stability.

Handbag Shop Display

Boutique Arm Purse Bag Hanger Desktop

In the fashion exhibition, the industrial-style display method is neatly and orderly and powerfully placed. The bag holder gently opens the handle of my bag, attractive exhibitors to understand the whole picture of the female bag at a glance.

Black Large Luggage Rack Single Hanger

Custom Handbag Stand | Purse Holder | Clutch Display Whosale- SOONXIN 1

T shape Double Hooks Shop Hangers

Double Arms T - Bar Lady Handbag Display Satin Chrome ​

Double Arms Lady Handbag Display Satin Chrome

Base: 15*15 CM
Adjustable Height: 35-60 CM
cross bar 30 CM

Chrome T-Bar Purse Bag Stands​

Chrome T-Bar Purse Bag Stands

Base: 15*15 CM
Adjustable height from 35 to 60 CM,
Horizontal cross bar 30 Cm

Black Powder Coated Travel Luggage Hanger​

Black Powder Coated Travel Luggage Hanger

Base: 13*15 CM,
straight height: 35-60 CM,
cross bar 30 Cm

Round Tube Scratch Resistant T-shaped Bag Holder​

Round Tube Scratch Resistant T-shaped Bag Holder

Size 1-Small Counter Rack: Base: 15*15 CM, Adjustable Height: 37-64 CM. Horizontal bar 28 CM./Size 2-Large Floor Rack: Base: 30*36 CM Adjustable height 85-130 CM Cross Arm: 85 CM

Matt Gold 2 Sides Female Purse & Bag Holder​

Matt Gold 2 Sides Female Purse & Bag Holder

Base: 15*15 CM equal 5.9 inches *5.9 inches; adjustable Height: 37-64 CM. equal 14.6 inches-25.2 inches, horizontal bar 28 CM equal 11.1 inches.

Rose Gold T Style Handbag Necklace Display​

Rose Gold T Style Handbag Necklace Display

Widely Base: 15*15 CM, adjust different height from 37 CM to 64 CM, .
Horizontal bar 28 CM

Bronze Finish Double Hooks Handbag Display Props Triangle Base​

Bronze Finish Purse Display Props Triangle Base

Triangle Base in Diameter 10 CM circle space, Base Solid tube 16 MM,
inner tube 35 CM, outer tube 30 CM

2 Arms Different Height Curved Hanger Clutch Stands​

2 Arms Different Height Curved Hanger Clutch Stands-Brushed Gold

Surface: Matt Brush Gold, Base: 13*15 CM,
adjustable Height: 42-65 CM
Logo: Engraving

Handbag Scarf Display with Prevent Falling hook​

Handbag Scarf Display with Prevent Falling hook

Base: 15*15 CM,
adjustable height: 35-60 CM, cross bar customized.

Double U Shape Hook Handbag Stand Wholesale

Vintage Double U Shape Purse Hooks Handbag Riser

Bottom Base: Customized, height 40-62cm,

Double Curved Arms Luxury Bag Hanger Display For Craft Show

Non-slip Hooks Curved Arms Bag Holder

Surface: Polish Silver, Bottom Base: 15*17 CM,
adjustable Height: 35-60 CM
Top Arm: 15 CM

Non-slip Hooks Curved Arms Bag Holder​

Floor Handbag Rack with Heavy Base

Base diameter 30 CM, thickness 3CM heavy base; adjustable height: 79-136 CM, outer tube 70 cm; cross bar 60cm length, horizontal hollow tube 2 cm diameter.

Features of Double Handbag Stand

  •  Made from high-grade quality Material – Chrome Plated Steel
  • This T shape rack has double arms use as Multi-Functional Display Stand. Easily works with most fashion accessories. Like s Purse Hanger, Wreath Hanger, Jewelry Hanger, lanyard, and scarves  The adjustable height suitable Tall or Short Necklace.  
  • 2 sides arms can make the same height or different height, 
  • A wide and large base keeps the rack much stable.
  • Adjustable height, both suitable for Tall or Short Necklace. For handbag stand or women cross-body bag. Custom the size to meet with your fashion collection. Or store supply style.
  • All package racks are still removable and can be customized
  • Hang Your Designer Bags from this Deluxe Holder: Admire the beauty of each handbag in your collection! Custom color according to your store style. Custom the color to  highlighting different colors of
  • Free standing on desk or floor as store displays. The size or weight of the base can be increased as needed to keep stable.
  • These display
  • shelving most for retail stores. Available in Brushed Chrome, Chrome Gold, Rose Gold, White and Black, Etc. To high light the cargo on props.
  •  Design and Decorate Your Shop: All types, retailers, and wholesalers will love these display stand! Add glamour to your gift shop, boutique, and trade show presentation.

Metal Color Swatches

The Stainless Steel usually comes in surface finished like: Brushed Silver, Polish Silver, Brushed Gold, Mirror Gold, Rose Gold.

Than the Cast Metal and Steel both can be Power Coated color like Matt Black, Glossy White, Gold by Spray, Grey and other any colors you prefer.

Metal Handbag Stand Colors Show

Custom Service

Custom Countertop Bag Displayer

Custom Your Own Size

Custom Base: 12×12CM , 13×15CM,15×17CM, Any Size you prefer as Heavy Dudy Display.
Adjustable Height, custom inner tube length, and outside tube.
Custom Arm: Choose The Styes Best Work for You, like Squre Nose, L Arms, Half Circle Hook, Wide Arms.

Moq: 20 Pcs

Stainless Steel Surface Finish

Normally Logo Finish

Silk Screen Printing Logo on Base or Arms. It Can print any color of your logo, no only a single color.

Logo by Laster Engraving only shows the color of the inner material. If you need other colors, just contact us for checking the painting color after lastering.

Countertop Handbag Logo printing or laster

Display Rack Installation Diagram

The inner tube insert into outside tube, than screw outside tube to the base by hexagonal werench key. In seconds can be finished.

Metal Hand Bag Installation diagram

How Do We Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Shoe Displays

Many customers who spend in shopping malls will have difficulty in choosing. There are many factors that depend on it. Take low-spending young customers, they will hesitate because of their own economic situation, and they will not be able to afford the high price. Choose low-priced ones and worry about poor quality.

Therefore, when customers are faced with many products and have no way of starting, the Retail Store Displays and POP stand with Ad poster provide customers with product information, To promote the role of its purchase determination. At the same time, it has the effect to raise the visualization of the brand and corporate reputation for enterprises.

A retail store’s layout will directly affect the behavior of its shoppers. Store owners who neglect to create an appealing, functional layout will suffer from fewer sales. Let’s take the bag fashion store as an example. To learn more about  the display in a bag shop,  which no longer have only a single function, they should have a different game play, different ways of understanding, and a combination of multiple functions.


The display lane has an irreplaceable shopping experience and guiding force with elements such as color and lighting. It constitutes the frame of the display terminal and is the “form” of the display terminal. It matches with the product to jointly shape the brand image and give customers a unique visual impact. When the right colors are used, it creates an appealing, welcoming environment that encourages shoppers to take action. 

Generally speaking, if your store’s color and styles are relatively warm, just focus your props layout around warm colors like brush gold, mirror gold, … Warm colors are said to provide a sense of excitement while also encouraging shoppers to do direct sales.

If shoes are more retro, you can choose a footwear display rack with a more retro surface treatment such as green bronze, yellow bronze, etc. The nostalgic and retro shop style can be described as a maverick in the modern metropolis. It is easy to attract attention and create a strong cultural atmosphere.

For the brand, it will definitely have its own positioning, and the style will best show the essence of the product.


In addition to using the right color combination, store owners should also design their store’s layout to maximize their available space. When a store is cluttered and messy, shoppers are less likely to make a purchase.

The shopping mall display props use inclusive materials such as metal, acrylic, wood, and resin as far as possible, and use colors to maximize the openness brought by the space, forming a complete design with the overall style of the store works.

Most bags can be displayed in terms of design details, fabrics, styles, and categories. Family is the most commonly used display method, distinguishing the display, and placing key styles on the line of sight. The adjustable and customizable ladies handbag store displays play a very good role in space placement.

In addition to more regular accessories and props, as consumers’ aesthetic needs continue to increase, the creativity of display props is getting higher and higher and more varied. Some are surprisingly winning, some invisible to prop, and some have a strong flavor of art. The role of props in the display is becoming more and more important, and it also provides more possibilities for display and solves many unavoidable problems in display design.

Product Displays

In a handbag store. The bag styles should be organized, such as a single clutch, or a mixed display of clutches and shoulder bags. These can be a fuss to make your display look particularly good, beautiful, and to display your own style bags. Features provide more choices for customers

Pay attention to the coordination of lighting. High-quality bags must have good lighting to adjust the line of sight  so that customers can feel that the bags are good-looking and of good quality at a glance. The display racks in the store must be matched with lighting. The unique texture and painted surface of stainless steel are more advanced and luxurious under the light.

Properly match the text when displaying, whether it is the price, some friendship tips, or some warm sentences, you can use it when displaying bags. This can especially attract young consumers. They guide shoppers to the appropriate department and enhance shoppers’ overall experience in the store.

Use various store supplies and fixtures to create different store atmospheres and visual effects, combine background, fashion trends, life, technology, and other elements on the basis of product style positioning, fully display the functional characteristics of the product and brand culture, and make customers aware Excellent value for money.


Q. Are these handbag racks easy to install?

A. Yes, it is very simple, only a hex wrench is needed, and it can be installed manually in a few seconds. Contact us to show a video for you.

Q. Are these bag holders available in stock for small wholesale?

A. Yes, for commonly used styles such as mirror gold and silver single-pack racks, we keep stock all year round. Please consult according to the required quantity.

Q. What is the minimum order of these store displays.

A. Yes, our company mainly deals with wholsale deals, but if you insist buying one set, or you just need one set, we would be very likely to make the MOQ as 1 set for you.

Q. What’s the shipment terms and delivery time of your company?

 A: Well, it depends on the quantity of your order. As you know, we need time to manufacture but mostly, the shipment time is 3-8 working days after delivery, For Delivery way, for a sample and Bulk order <100KG, we will kindly suggest Express and Air freight, when Air freight and sea shipping for bulk order> 100KG. As for the detailed cost, it depends on your final order.

Q. Are all the handbags showcase made of stainless steel?

A. For the desktop package rack, most of them are made of stainless steel, such as electroplated mirror gold, silver, rose gold, etc. Other colors, such as white, black, gray, etc., are Powder coating. You can choose stainless steel or iron according to your needs. For more wholesale custom products of the same type, iron material will be cheaper than stainless steel.

Q. Will fingerprints be left on the mirror surface of the racks?

A. The material surface of the mirror surface can be processed by a fingerprint-free process. If you accidentally printed your handprint, you can wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Q. How high is the adjustable height of the bag rack can get? 

A. According to your needs, any height can be customized, and the base can be increased or heavier to improve the stability of the display rack.

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The display fixtures enables you to make full use of the retail space while enhancing the visual and display effects. Better positioning and visibility provide a better customer experience. Thereby increasing the experience. The fixtures used, product promotion, and placement are young and easy. In fact, these fixtures are designed to hold handbags and bags; scarves, ties, and various other attractions make the goods in the store high-taste, while at the same time requiring minimal space. Our quality countertops are designed for efficient and heavy-duty stationary commercial use. They use embedded inlaid decorative surfaces and sturdy multifunctional equipment to provide stability, easy to carry, and easy to use in stores and in trade shows, and other occasions. These sales devices are very suitable for up-selling and sales and sales, and at the same time provide a simple solution to organize the sales of sales plans and sales results, thereby generating achievable sales. For more counter display options, please check our acrylic brand stands, glasses display stands and label dealers.